Welcome to Mpelleiko! We would like to inform you of the following:

  • Mpelleiko is fully in line with the special health protocols, on which tourism enterprises rely to take measures against the coronavirus COVID-19, as laid down in the Joint Ministerial Decision no. 1881/29.5.2020 by the Ministries of Finance, Health and Tourism (Greek Government Gazette 2084 Β’/ 29-5-2020).
  • All members of our staff have received the necessary training to comply with the health
  • Mpelleiko has obtained the “Health First” certification seal from the Ministry of Tourism,
    indicating that the operation complies with all health protocols.
  • In our attempt to adapt to the new circumstances brought by the COVID-19 coronavirus
    pandemic, we ask for your understanding and compliance with the measures applied to
    prevent COVID-19 transmission.
  • Mpelleiko bears no liability against any person, relating directly or indirectly to the
    coronavirus COVID-19, since we comply with the special health protocols and bear the
    “Health First” certification seal (Article 60 (5) of Law 4688/24-5-2020). We wish you a pleasant and safe stay!

Measures are taken to prevent COVID-19 transmission

  • Intervals between check out and check-in are extended: check out is at 11:00 am, check-in is at 3:00 pm so that the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected as well as adequately ventilated in a natural manner.
  • Nena Crintzia, health manager in charge of dealing with a virus case, is always available to customers (00306976607967)
  • When requested, customers can be provided with:
    • Information about our policy and the measures taken to deal with any incident
    • Useful information about health providers, pharmacies, etc. in the area
    • Personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves or additional equipment in case of a suspected case such as antiseptics, cleaning wipes, apron, and sleeves or long-sleeved apron, thermometer
  • There are antiseptic solutions (in non-fixed devices) in every room and in all common areas
  • Overcrowding upon arrival is avoided with the additional use of private entrances to rooms (where available)
  • Overcrowding upon departure is avoided with the help of special signs
  • Room keys are disinfected and placed inside the room upon arrival. During the stay, the
    customers do not leave their keys to the reception.
  • For the purposes of public health protection actions, the accommodation management/
    the administration keeps a record of staff members and all persons who stayed in the accommodation, that is name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, telephone, e-mail), so it is possible to communicate with the close contacts of any COVID-19 case, which may be identified afterward. Attention is also paid on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all customers are informed that a record is kept for public health protection reasons.
  • Entry to the rooms is not allowed for non-residents. Natural ventilation, cleaning and disinfection of the rooms during the customer's stay as well as changing bedding and towels is done only upon customer request
  • All members of our staff comply with all appropriate measures to protect and prevent virus transmission. Should a staff member display any symptoms relating to the disease, he/she must stay home and return to work only if the laboratory test is negative. Moreover, anyone who has had contact with a case must stay home. In any of the above cases, the employee shall notify the manager to apply the suspected case management plan.
  • There is a possibility to choose a policy between regular cleaning and waiting 24 hours before the room is available or meticulous cleaning and disinfection of the most touched surfaces of the room and bathroom.
  • All interior spaces are ventilated in a natural manner
  • All interior spaces are cleaned using a professional cleaning machine and suitable liquid detergents
  • All interior spaces, surfaces, objects, and fabrics are disinfected using a steam cleaner machine, liquid disinfectants, and special disinfectant cloths
  • All outdoor areas and furniture are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Special mats soaked with disinfectant are placed at the inner side of every entrance coming from outside/yard
  • Common areas and the kitchen are regularly ventilated, cleaned, and disinfected with emphasis given on « high risk » items such as knobs, switches, etc.
  • All members of our staff comply with all hygiene rules when collecting dirty linen by using the appropriate personal protective equipment. Used fabrics, bedding, and towels are placed in closed, marked bags. Separation (marking) of areas of dirty and clean linen is performed. The linen cleaning service is provided by an external partner and checks are performed on compliance with the required measures of proper receipt and delivery. It is ensured that the clean linen is maintained in a good and clean condition during their storage and transport to the use areas (rooms, restaurants, etc.)
  • Additional measures are taken to comply with rules for operating kitchen services:
    • All members of our staff apply the basic measures to prevent COVID-19 transmission
    • In the kitchen/breakfast room appropriate distances are kept by removing extra tables and seats. Alternatively, breakfast can be served in the rooms or in the corresponding outdoor areas of the rooms (yards)
    • Hand disinfection when entering or leaving the kitchen/breakfast room is done by using an antiseptic solution (non-fixed device)
    • All breakfast appliances are cleaned even if not used
    • Tablecloths and napkins are disposable and will be discarded after use
    • Tables and table seats are disinfected after each use and before use by subsequent customers, during breakfast time
  • Mpelleiko complies with the circular of the Ministry of Health “Protection of Public Health by the coronavirus SARS-COV-2 in the water supply and sewerage systems”.