Rooms and accommodation in Stemnitsa

Traditional houses in the area of Stemnitsa have got two floors, the ground floor called katoi and the first floor called anoi. On the ground floor there are two rooms, the principal room, to kyrios katoi, and the room of the donkey, to katoi tou gaidarou, which resulted from an extension of the building in the beginning of the 18th century.

On the first floor there is the drawing room, i sala, the winter room, to himoniatiko, the chamber, i kamari , and the summer room, o ontas.

The principal room (to kyrios katoi)

From the balcony of this room, which is the biggest in the house, you can have a lovely view of the village and from its private yard you can see the war memorial as well as the peak of the All Saints’ mountain.

It is triple room with one double and one single bed. Also has a fireplace.

The room of the donkey (to katoi tou gaidarou)

The once stable has been transformed into a double room (a double bed) with a fireplace. The view of the village and Saint John’s peak refreshes the eye and offers ease of mind.

The drawing room (i sala)

This room with a great view of the village used to be the reception room where various social occasions took place.

Nowadays, it’s a room full of light with two beds(one double and one single) and a fire place.

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The winter room (to himoniatiko)

Protected from the north wind, the room gave shelter to the whole family. The fireplace, around which all the family gathered during the cold days, used to be the only source of heating as well as the place where the housewife cooked the meals. This fireplace was restored and used as a mould for all the fireplaces of the house.

Today, it is a room with two beds(one double and one single) and its own yard, protected from the north wind. The bathroom of himoniatiko used to be the old oven of the house.

The chamber (i camari)

It was the room which offered the utter seclusion to the couple or to any official quests. Nowadays it is a double room (a double bed), without fireplace, suitable for lie-in looking at Saint John’s peak.

The summer room (o ontas)

It was the summer room of the family, a wooden roofed verandah that makes you think of being on a bridge deck. You can see the whole village, the surrounding mountains and even Taygetos.

The fireplace that has been added and the kitchen facilities have transformed the room into the place where breakfast is served as well as into a living room quite inviting and attractive.

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